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Yacht Charters

We at Ocean Blue know that the yacht charter industry is changing. We're excited to be leading the change!

Our mission is to change the face of the yacht charter market.

Ocean Blue Charters is the best choice for chartering yachts. Whether you fancy a weekend getaway or are looking for a long vacation in Lakshwadeep to VIP yacht rentals or to hire yachts, Ocean Blue can fulfill your private yacht charter dreams. As yacht charter agents, we find the perfect yachts for charter, going beyond your expectations. Through our consultations with you, we find what you want and make arrangements to meet every detail. Thorough searches of our network ensures that the VIP yacht rentals selected by you will exceed every expectation. Our clients who keep coming back and referring their friends let us know that we are doing it right!

Ocean Blue Services has arranged seamless yacht charters for clients. Our knowledge of the charter yachts, crews, destinations and cruising itineraries is un- paralleled; and our affiliations with all the major charter industry trade organizations keep us aware of all changing international charter rules and regulations.

So whether your adventurous spirit is drawing you to sail to the exotic Lakshadweep islands or you simply want to experience the sun setting from the bridge of your private yacht, we can make it a reality.

If you are looking for an exclusive yacht or a sprint in a speed boat or if you want to host a memorable party in a party boat, visit http://oceanblue.in/charters.html and choose your fit now!

Ocean Blue is India’s premier boating company with a wide range of Boats, Yachts, Super Yachts, Marinas, etc. and represents several leading brands like Azimut, Atlantis, Mahindra Odyssea, Sealegs and Lagoon.

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